Family Weekends Are More Than Bike rides And Picnics

Growing up as a child we looked forward to the weekend because we knew we were going to be spending time with family events. It doesn’t matter if it was a wedding, a baptism, a birthday or whatever else, we just wanted to get out and experience new things. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and it’s your job to make life anything but monotonous for your children, it’s time to step up to the plate.

Weekends with the family are much more than the occasional bike ride through your local park and more than sitting enjoying the sun under a tree enjoying a picnic. Nothing is wrong with liking and doing those things, but after a while, the creativity bug will bite you. Wanting to do something unorthodox and adventurous with your family but don’t have any great ideas? Here are some you should consider.

Swinging for the fences

Baseball is perhaps one of the most if not the most iconic American sport of all time. The huge stadiums that grow taller and taller with each new level of seating, the tilted square painted in white at the entrance and the blazing pitches that leave the audience gasping. This is what baseball is all about, but for the civilian population, it’s also a stress reliever. Batting cages were originally designed for batters to spot and learn different pitch styles that would be thrown to them by the opposite team.

However, batting cages are open to the public and a great day out for families. You’ll be taught the proper stance and how to hold the baseball bat. You’ll get a lesson in proper form and technique that allows you to swing for the fences accurately. It’s cheap but great fun and when you get a clean hit on the ball, very satisfying.

An agent in need

A growing popularity among the teenage population is puzzle-solving video games. They involve slow, methodical thinking and linking pieces together to pass through to the next level. Imagine if you could play this sought of the game as a family but in real life? That’s exactly what the Escape Room offers multiple themes and missions to choose from. Take for example the Operation: Casino which tells the story of the James Bond chasing a French arms dealer to a criminal organization is privately owned casino where he suddenly went silent. You and your family play the role of MI5 agents that have been sent to Monaco which was the last location Bond was known to be in.

Your job is to piece together the clues, work together as a team with a 1-hour time limit to crack open the secret location of the criminal organization. But first, you have to find out what alias Bond was hiding under. Are your family smart enough to crack the codes?

Shouldn’t the weekends all be about fun and activity? You, your partner and your children all live within routines of work, school, home, eat and sleep. It’s good to do something new and exciting at the weekend, so life doesn’t become so boring and predictable.

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