EJ Kids Bamboo Towelling Cover Up

If you have a little waterbaby then you will adore the 100% Bamboo Towelling Cover ups from EJ Kids. Lately we have been raving about the benefits of bamboo (grows quickly and requires less pesticides and water than cotton) but an added benefit with this cover up is that it is super absorbent.

ej kids

Used instead of a towel, this high quality cover up comes with a zip down the front so you can quickly put it on your child after a swim or bath and it will dry them off while protecting them from the elements.

It comes with a hood that not only looks cute, but is functional for removing excess water from their hair.

ej kids

It feels soft to touch which means they are more likely to keep it on and they can’t just shake it off like a regular towel.

Because it is in the form of a jacket, your little one can wear it to the beach or pool so there is one less thing you have to pack.

ej kids

The Bamboo Towelling Cover up comes in long or short sleeves and is available for boys or girls in a range of sizes.

EJ Kids is an Australian brand and their Kids Bamboo Towelling Cover Up is such a useful little item that we think it should be on your Santa’s list this year!

RRP: $49.95

Get yours from www.ejkids.com.au

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