Dora The Explorer: Dora’s Ballet Adventures

Finally we have had a short break from the daily regular viewing of Cars and Mater’s Tall Tales in my house and what a pleasant change it’s been.

Currently on rotation in my lounge room is Dora’s Ballet Adventures, we got 3 viewings in this evening I think.

Dora and Boots are back, with help from all of the usual gang, in a singing and dancing adventure that will keep your children involved, entertained and active – all at once.

My young Master Three was totally enthralled, which surprised me a little I must say as he is such a little boy’s boy. He was answering Dora’s questions and keeping an eye out for Swiper the Fox within minutes.


This DVD contains four of Dora’s dancing adventure shows, complete with the interaction and language lessons that Dora has become famous for. High energy and catchy tunes abound in true Dora fashion, it will be enough to get even the most distracted parent singing along.

In Dora’s Ballet Adventure we see Dora super excited about dancing in her big dance show, until the dance slippers delivery goes awry. Dora and Boots need help from the Map and your excited child to collect the slippers from the dance school.

The Super Silly Fiesta will have you helping Dora and Boots help Big Red Chicken find his lost cake and save the Super Silly Fiesta. But be on the lookout of the sneaky Swiper the Fox.

Dora, La Musico and her band of musical merrymakers take their own parade to town when Senor Shush locks all of the townspeople’s instruments in a Music Box to silence their musical parade.

Surprise  – it’s Boots’ birthday and Dora is throwing him a surprise party. If they can get past the herd of chickens and Swiper!

Singing, dancing, shape recognition, memory exercises and observation skills are all a major part of these fun filled Dora episodes. And we can’t forget counting and Spanish. A great time to be had for all here – boys and girls alike!

There is also a bonus Go Diego Go! episode for a little extra value. The episode is The Iguana Sing-Along. Something to keep the animal lovers entertained. Great for education about animals while keeping up with the activity and singing.

A great way to keep your children’s minds active while they are having some down time in front of the TV.

Dora The Explorer: Dora’s Ballet Adventures is available in store now!

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