Cool Kids: Children’s Fashion Trends For 2017


The beautiful thing about children’s fashion is that the clothing tends to be adorable mini-me replicas of adult fashion, which results in heart-melting cuteness. As a result, it’s generally safe to anticipate that trends will, for the most part, run alongside those of the adult fashion industry. Spring and Summer collections for 2017 announcements have started already, and we’re excited to see what we can expect our little ones to be wearing next year.

Navajo Prints

Big bold bohemian patterns are back again this year, after a few years in the limelight. Expect pompoms, tassels, beautiful embroidery, and bright colors. Outside The Lines have promised elegant fringing and patterns for your mini festival goers next year, and Knot Kids are bringing traditional Navajo embroidery and denim to the table.

The Distressed Look

We saw an explosion in distressed look clothing for adults in 2016, on everything from t-shirts to jeans to jackets. We are expecting to see this style extend into children’s wear more in 2017. Haus of Jr have been showcasing their kid’s acid wash jeans with shredded knees and patches. Expect to see these paired with lumberjack-esque chequered shirts, cute miniature leather jackets, and Doc Martens.

Floral And Lace

For the girly girl, we can expect a boom in lacy and floral dresses and accessories, across the board in girlswear. Beautiful intricate flowers and delicate lace in classic designs, such as those from Giggle Moon Clothing, are expected to be really popular this year. It’s looking to be a return to the ultra-feminine for girlswear. There will also be bolder, brighter flowers, as seen in 2016’s adult summer collections, making their way into the kid’s collections for spring and summer 2017.

Oxford For Kids

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are basically the cutest kids in the public eye at the moment, and people are going mad for their style. As a result, we have seen a resurgence for private school-kid fashion. Pinafores, brogues, shirts and cashmere sweaters are all expected to be represented heavily in the children’s fashion market in 2017. Let’s face it, who doesn’t think that kids in waistcoats are beyond adorable?


On the opposite side of the coin, casual wear for kids is looking to be pretty popular in the new year. Expect football jackets, baseball shirts, and basketball shoes. Perfect for an active lifestyle, kids fashion has given this style a new lease of life. Bright, block colors seem to be a theme throughout many of 2017’s spring and summer collections, and this area is no exception. Paired with some more industrial chic items, sportswear is coming back hard.

Kids fashion for 2017 is set to be exceptionally varied, but in some cases really cool and edgy. The floral and lacy and private school-kid styles are nicely juxtaposed with the industrial and hip themes of distressed denim and sportswear, while the Native American elements continue themes from 2016 and before. It’s all set to be a great year in kid’s fashion.

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