Paw Patrol Gifts

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paw patrol

If you are still struggling to find a gift for the little person in your life, the popular four legged television characters from Paw Patrol will come to the rescue. Whether you are familiar with the show or not, these pups are ready for action…and for gifting, as they are here to protect their much […]

Pillow Pets: Scribble Pets

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We have already featured the loveable Olaf Pillow Pet, but if the Frozen frenzy has not hit your house then the Scribble Pet is a another fun option for Christmas. From the original Pillow Pet brand, the Scribble Pets come in a Rainbow Unicorn or blue Puppy. This is a snuggle toy they can draw […]

Pillow Pets: OLAF (Frozen)

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If you have a little Frozen fan in your house then Christmas time is sure to mean something related to Anna, Elsa, Olaf and friends under the tree this year. A sweet addition to the Pillow Pets family is Olaf, a soft white snuggable friend. If you are familiar with the movie then you will […]

Sandy The Sea Turtle Pillow Pet

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sandy sea turttle

Pillow Pets were released onto the market a little over 12 months ago and almost immediately they became the No. 1 selling plush animal in the country. They appeal to a wide range of people because they are gorgeous, their designs are diverse and they are super comfy. There’s a new Pet on the block […]

REVIEW: Minimink

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red rug

Last week we featured an interview with Ally, the founder of Minimink, and now I want to share with you my experiences with the range. There are two products which I have been testing: The Minimink Rug / Wrap / Throw This is the rug that started the brand, and is still the best seller. […]

Pillow Pets

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Penguin Pillow

Pillow Pets have just hit shelves and they are a loveable cuddly animal and pillow in one! The Pillow Pet starts out as a cute stuffed animal, but when you undo the velcro tab it becomes a super snuggly pillow. Available in small or large sizes, there are a range of different animals – Magical […]


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The Uglydoll brand had an interesting beginning. What started as a drawing of a funny character named Wage has become an award winning product range. Two artists in love, David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim have made these “not so ugly” plush toys into a must have item, not only for children, but also those with […]