Sandy The Sea Turtle Pillow Pet

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sandy sea turttle

Pillow Pets were released onto the market a little over 12 months ago and almost immediately they became the No. 1 selling plush animal in the country. They appeal to a wide range of people because they are gorgeous, their designs are diverse and they are super comfy. There’s a new Pet on the block […]

REVIEW: Minimink

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red rug

Last week we featured an interview with Ally, the founder of Minimink, and now I want to share with you my experiences with the range. There are two products which I have been testing: The Minimink Rug / Wrap / Throw This is the rug that started the brand, and is still the best seller. […]

Pillow Pets

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Penguin Pillow

Pillow Pets have just hit shelves and they are a loveable cuddly animal and pillow in one! The Pillow Pet starts out as a cute stuffed animal, but when you undo the velcro tab it becomes a super snuggly pillow. Available in small or large sizes, there are a range of different animals – Magical […]


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The Uglydoll brand had an interesting beginning. What started as a drawing of a funny character named Wage has become an award winning product range. Two artists in love, David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim have made these “not so ugly” plush toys into a must have item, not only for children, but also those with […]