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I have been lucky enough to be sitting here having a play with every new mothers best mate. When word gets around about this little beauty they are going to be flying off the shelves.

Picture this: you have just come home from the hospital with your needy newborn. A gorgeous and precious new life in need of constant nurturing. As you try to adjust to the 2am feeds, the 5am feeds and the demands of older children on your time. Juggling all of your roles is exhausting, sleep deprivation makes the memory a little more scattered.

Think for a minute about all of the ways you try to keep track of what’s going on with baby’s feeds. The hair bands around your wrist that end up in your hair, the notebooks that get lost, the pieces of paper that end up discarded with the junk.

Brooke Nicol, brilliance behind the Breast Mate, tried all of these things and came to the conclusion that there had to be an easier way. When she couldn’t find one it was time to ask around and see if there were other mothers feeling the same frustration.

As we all know, the frustration was widespread so it was time for Brooke to get down to business and start designing a device that would record all of the breast feeding information that so easily gets lost or forgotten.

If you’re going to go to all of the trouble of creating a sanity saving device to keep track of your breast feeding information then why not make it the best, incorporate as many other nursery essentials as is practical.

Look no further! Brooke did it, she discovered the most important aspects of a breast feeding device and put them all together to  create Breast Mate – every new mothers best friend.


For a one stop shop to record and view all your feeding information then you have to give this a go. It may not help you get any extra sleep but it will certainly mean you know exactly what’s happening with your gorgeous new bundle of joy.

But that isn’t all there is to capture your interest about the Breast mate unit. This handy little nursery helper also has a nightlight, an alarm and a colour changing room thermometer. Essential items for your nursery while you are feeding and well beyond.

This cute little unit records how long your baby feeds for and 0n which side, tallying it all so that you know how many feeds your child is having in a 24hr period. Each ear lights up – green is the side in use and being fed from, this one lights up for the duration of the feed from that side. As soon as you click the green ear to turn it off the opposite side will light up red – indicating where to start your next feed.

The top section contains a nightlight, a great idea for when you stumble into the nursery in the middle of the night for any number of reasons – to retrieve the lost dummy or just to check. Don’t risk waking the baby with a light, just tap on the nightlight and do what you need.

The colour changing room thermometer, I think, is ingenious. Set to glow blue or red if the temperature is outside the range of 16-22 degrees. This function only works if the unit is in it’s cradle but what an idea. The minute you walk into baby’s room you know if it’s a little chilled in there. If the room is too warm or too cold the nightlight section of the unit will glow, as long as the temperature is within the range the unit won’t glow but the current room temperature is constantly displayed.

An alarm clock, seems a little unnecessary for a baby – until you think about medication. Sometimes with everything else going on it’s easy for medication time to come and go. With the alarm on the Breast mate you never need to miss medication time again. And if, like me, you have a child who needs to be fed on a strict 2 or 3 hour schedule and it’s difficult getting up through the night when you have to wake the baby – you can set the alarm and it will wake you every time.

If all of that sounds like an innovative and exciting invention destined to make your life easier – that’s not all!!!

The Breast Mate unit is just the beginning of the Breast Mate brilliance. There is software to be downloaded from the website and this software will capture all of your data and start to sort it for you. It can be used to simply record all of the feeding information, but it can also be used to begin deciphering patterns! At a glance you can see the average start time for each feed over a week, the average duration and pattern and the average duration for each breast.

Now all of this is very geared to breastfeeding but if you are formula feeding your baby don’t feel that this until will not be of any benefit to you.

The only real function you won’t be able to use as a bottle feeder is the light up ears to indicate where to feed from. This isn’t going to make a difference – use any ear – but you can use all of the other functions and the Breast mate will still track the number of feeds your baby is taking in a day; and you can time the feeds it’s just that you can see the volume as well.

Once your baby gets older and you no longer need a breastfeeding device you have a cute and practical night light, and even an alarm clock for your child. Long past the days of breast or bottle feeding.

And then you get to make it cute! The Breast Mate has a choice of 4 removable face plates so that you can find what suits your baby best. There is white, green, lion or cow. The one at my house is a cow and it’s ultra cute.

Definitely check the Breast Mate out, it’s a decision you certainly won’t regret!

To find out more information and order your own please head on over to:

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  1. This invention sounds unbelievable, but whatever happened to feeding the baby on demand ? I think a keep it simple approach is the best and that usually works for me. I am sure though that this marvel will sell like hotcakes.

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