Bobux: the Right Choice for your Toddler


There are so many things for parents to worry about on a regular basis that shoes can seem fairly inconsequential. I mean, when it comes down to it, shoes are fairly low on the scale of a parent’s worries and concerns.

But ill-fitting or badly designed shoes can have serious ramifications on children’s feet. Sometimes the ill effects can last into adulthood. Sometimes the effects last a lifetime.

That’s why the right type of toddler shoe is so important, a soft soled, supportive shoe that mirrors the feeling of barefoot as closely as possible.

Enter BOBUX, a New Zealand company which prides itself on creating shoes for 0-5 year olds that do just that. Since 1991, after its humble beginnings in a garage in Auckland, Bobux has created a great range of toddler shoes, podiatrist endorsed and expertly designed to provide ample protection and comfort specifically for growing feet.

Bobux shoes not only provide foot health benefits but they look awesome too! Made from premium leathers and canvas, and with added features like flexible, Formula-1 inspired tread soles or scuff-resistant micro-armour toe caps, you’ll fall in love with the styles on display. Their new Play range even has animals on the inside to help kids learn their lefts and rights.


This eye for detail – finding the balance between style and substance – has proved popular; Bobux now sells over half a million pairs of shoes each year worldwide in over 30 countries including New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, USA and much of Europe.

But no matter how many pairs Bobux produces, the philosophy remains the same – enhancing the natural development of a child’s foot so they are free to grow and develop healthy feet for life.

And if you like the look and idea of these shoes, keep in mind they also go super well with some clothes from the Iconic, which we discuss here.

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